As of Fall Session 1 2016, all Dance, Gymnastics, & Movement classes will meet once a week in 6 week-sessions. Rates may change slightly based on holidays & scheduled facility closures. Ask us about our special discounts for enrolling in multiple classes for one session!


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CREATIVE MOVEMENT (3-5yrs) This fun class will build your child’s confidence through movement exploration. Participants will learn to count, explore rhythm, develop coordination, learn to follow a teacher’s directions, and interact with others in a comfortable group setting. This class will prepare students for the Pre-Ballet technique class.


EOSC B&W BalletPRE-BALLET LEVELS 1 & 2 (5-7yrs) Pre-Ballet is a fun beginning technique class for our little ones. We will work in parallel until the instructor determines dancers are ready to begin working in turn-out. Each class will consist of movement combinations at the barre or in the center, movement skills and patterns that travel across the floor, and ballet choreography. The foundations of ballet etiquette, history, and terminology will also be covered. Students accepted for Level 2 with the approval of the director.


BALLET, LEVEL 1 (7-10yrs) No experience necessary! Class begins with ballet technique in parallel and turned out positions at the barre, focusing on correct alignment of the entire body and proper execution of class exercises. Students will progress to movement in the center and across the floor, continuing to work on classical forms and developing an artistic approach to a very formalized dance genre. An understanding of ballet etiquette, history, and terminology will also be covered in this course.

BALLET, LEVEL 2 (7-10yrs) Students accepted with the approval of the director. This class is a continuation of the formal ballet training started in Level 1. Barre technique focuses on turned out positions, correct alignment of the entire body, and proper execution of increasingly challenging class exercises. Movement in the center and across the floor will increase in speed and complexity, continuing to develop the accuracy of classical forms and artistry in performance.


MODERN DANCE, LEVEL 1 (7-10yrs) No experience necessary! Modern Dance is an expressive style of dancing that emphasizes full-bodied, grounded movement, a range of motion in the torso and spine, and the ability to use breath, weight, and energy. Basic movement patterns based on Bartenieff fundamentals, improvisational techniques, and weight sharing with a partner will be explored. An introduction to modern dance history, etiquette, and terminology will be covered in this course.

MODERN DANCE, LEVEL 2 (8+) Students accepted with the approval of the director.  This class continues to develop technical skills, including but not limited to: articulation of the torso and spine, full-bodied expressive dancing, and general flexibility and strength. Modern Dance 2 focuses on developing the dancer as a movement artist who is able to make informed performance choices, improvise, create unique movement on their own, share their weight, and support the weight of a partner.


*NEW CLASS!!!* PRE-JAZZ (5-7yrs) No experience necessary for this fun class designed for young movers with lots of energy! Students will learn the fundamentals of jazz dance technique and how to move in basic rhythmic patterns. Dancers will develop strength, flexibility, and coordination, building towards learning turns, leaps, and extensions.

JAZZ DANCE (Ages 8+) No experience necessary! Jazz Dance emphasizes a grounded movement quality, explorations in rhythm and counter rhythm, and developing a strong relationship between dance and music. Dancers will develop coordination, timing, and work on increasing the complexity of movement patterns that involve turns, leaps, and floorwork. An introduction to the history of jazz dance and a variety of jazz dance terminologies will be covered.


HIP-HOP (6+) Hip Hop increases physical strength, cardiovascular health, coordination, and flexibility, as well as allowing dancers to develop their own personal style. A combination of isolations, floor work, choreographed combinations, and improvisational techniques will be utilized to encourage students to explore new and exciting dance forms.


Hip Hop
Youth Ballet



TOT GYMNASTICS (3-5yrs) Students will participate in game play, learn to follow directions, and become comfortable in a group setting while learning basic tumbling and gross motor skills.

BEGINNING GYMNASTICS LEVELS 1 & 2 (6+) This class will explore mat work, balance beam and un-even parallel bars. Participants will learn proper gymnastic techniques while improving flexibility, strength and balance.


For safety reasons, we cannot add students over our maximum enrollment limit, so make sure you sign up early to reserve your spot!


MARTIAL ARTS & SELF-DEFENSE Class is designed to provide an introduction to Martial Arts in Taekwondo, and to provide the student with basic skills and confidence to move up in rank. Students will learn basic skills such as, but not limited to, blocks, kicks, punches, traditional forms (poomse), and skills to overcome real life altercations.




Dressing appropriately for your child’s chosen activity will increase their performance in class and allow their instructor to see their form and give them the corrections that will help them improve! Most attire can be purchased at stores like Target, Payless, or athletic clothing retailers. Feel free to speak with your instructor about where to shop.

BALLET: Female students must wear black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes; hair must be in a bun. Skirts are optional for Pre-Ballet levels, and not recommended for higher levels.
Male students must wear fitted black athletic pants or tights, a fitted white t-shirt, and black ballet shoes.

JAZZ & MODERN: Black leotard or fitted tank/tshirt, and black fitted athletic pants or shorts for both boys and girls. Jazz shoes are required for jazz class (either tan or black).

HIP HOP: Athletic clothes that the student can move and feel comfortable in. CLEAN sneakers, covered knees recommended for floor work.

GYMNASTICS: fitted athletic attire, bare feet. Leotards highly recommended for Beginning Levels 1 & 2.