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How to braid hair for the gym?

No matter what kind of exercise you do – high-intensity cardio, slow and steady yoga, or something between – it doesn’t matter what you do with your hair in your face and sometimes a normal punch doesn’t cut.

Hair segments will work out and the hair under your ponytail can become a rat’s nest in your face (you longhaired women know what I am speaking). You need to have braid hair for the gym.

Pull-Through Braid Ponytail

Depending on the length of your hair, you need a handful of hair elastics. It’s super secure, so you can concentrate on moves as you groove around the place during your dance workout.

Gather your hair in order to secure it with an elastic high ponytail. Split in sections, one above the other. Division the lower portion into two and bring the top down between the lower divide. Combine the divided section and protect it with an elastic section. Continue this trend until the end.

Double buns twisted

This style is best if you want to keep hair off your neck and don’t have a pigeonhole or tissue.

Divide the center of your hair and divide it into two parts. Take one part and twist it entirely and wrap it around and make a tight, twisted bun. At the bottom of the bun take an elastic and lock. Depending on your hair’s thickness, you can need to use some pins to attach it to your head. On the other hand, repeat.

braid ponytail

Ponytail Bubble

This pony will not mess with your usual ponytail during a sprint. Warning: This hairstyle can give your leg warmers feeling.

Create a ponytail at your head’s crown. Safe with a rubber. Tie a second elastic one and a half inch under the first elastic. Continue down your ponytail length. If you want to go full ’80s, you can make tiny “bubbles” by pulling out a little bit each line.

Ponytails Double French Braid

Divide your hair into the center. Divide your hair into two pieces. Tie one segment on the other side when you’re working. Take a small part of the hair from your forehead and divide it into three parts. Cross the exterior parts in the middle row, alternating. Apply a small section of hair to each of the external parts each time you walk underneath.


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