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Which is better ombre or Balayage?

The change in trends in fashion is making people who are interested in fashion go crazy to try the new ones. Still, old hair colors and highlights are yet ruling the styling industry and trends these days are the old ones come back. Lots of trends might come and go yet the craze for balayage and ombre is still on top and importantly the confusion between these two styles too. Not everyone is aware of the difference between ombre and balayage styles so they get confused while choosing one for their new style. Being low maintenance hair colors, they have become interchangeably preferred highlights for both long and short hair.



The term ombre means to shade in French and the coloring comes like double toned opting like a shadow effect. Having a darker tone at the top and a lighter tone at the bottom of the hair. The natural hair is lightened to create a two-tone complexion to the hair at the end and is easy to be made for any hair colors from red to blonde and black.


Balayage is about highlighting selective hair strands from roots by gradually gets heavier at the by lighter tone or hair color giving natural added beauty to hair. The underside of the hair remains darker giving it a volumed look. Balayage is done freehand being a cost-effective one I would choose balayage if I have to choose between ombre hair vs balayage considering cost as a factor. Since the roots remain natural, we don’t need to visit often stylist to touch up the balayage style.

The difference

There are multiple variations in both coloring like the softer shading of ombre is sombre where contrast hair color tones are softer. For balayage, it fits right in any hairstyle one gets through whether long or short one’s hair is. To see the difference between ombre vs balayage if you are adventurous to try them no problem but make sure have you healthy else there is no value in spending on these styles. Balayage is likely a coloring technique that enhances the natural look of hair where ombre is the gradient of hair lightened.

Balayage is in its own way with multiple tones and with the skills of stylists but without balayage, we cannot get the ombre look. The contrast that both styles show vary and can be clearly visible if we try it for ourselves.


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