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What are the reasons for wearing a running hat

The innocent hat looks nothing like this. A decent hat weighs less than a pair of chunky running socks, but a running hat is one of the most important undercharge items overlooked.

In summer, it pushes sweat in your eyebrows, prevents a sunburned scalp and tones your skin. It warms your head in winter and in rain and wind.

What are the reasons to wear running hat?

Breathable cloth

Some runners only run with a visor to cool their heads, but I recommend finding a baseball cap style hat made of breathable fabric that cools your head and adds moisture to the surface of the cap and in the heat. Allows to shine. Make sure the cap top fabric is not forged and blocks 99% sunlight. Some have a large mesh panel that allows the sun to scorch your skirt.

A versatile project

The truck cap has been a retro rage for a few years, but I find it less useful on the road and in testing with a harder bill. If you can match the bill, you can adjust it at the right angle if the sun is low. If the wind is blowing hard, it is blowing rather than behaving, as if trying to blow your hat off. The versatile bill often encourages you to tuck into the waistband of your running shorts or water belt if you don’t want to. And on the same side, make sure that the tab slides backwards, not from elastic or plastic. You should be able to run it and not easily change it and sit and fiddle while running.

warms your head

Full weight

Compare the weights of different hats before choosing one. Lighter people do not feel like they are wearing anything. I don’t think three times as much should be charged for shaving a few ounces, but the lighter is better. The option for a lighter billet and breathable fabric instantly lightens the cap, but you still see a lot of variety.

The last thing most runners do is not make it until someone points it out. If you know this, then smile and pat your hand through your nose. All you are looking for to look silly is not further up front with their running cap. If the sun is behind you and the road is long, your neck is warm. To protect your neck, twist your hat so that your neck is hidden by the bill before changing course. Wear a hat while running. If you run hours of sunshine every day, try it out.


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