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How to make balayage without bleach?

With time and seasons, we all know trends and fashion shifts. What worked in clothing and accessories yesterday will emerge with original, vibrant designs by creative artists in the industry in an entirely new way. There are equivalent patterns in hair styles in the world.

One of the most common hair color trends with foils was and still is highlighting to achieve a sun-streaked look. Today, however, professional, inventive hair stylists and hair colors adapt increasingly advanced processes to create the glossy tresses we want to imitate nature. And scanning is certainly hot!

How to make balayage without bleach

Sweeping means “to sweep” in French. The method originated in Paris and refers to the manner in which color is hand painted on the scalp. The film is added sparingly at the roots and louder to the ends in a sweeping motion and takes less time than making a full head of foil highlights. Traditional filings can also leave sharp lines and drastic contrasts, but the scan colorist can practically paint more realistic highlights, where the sun actually reaches the hair.

Celebrities continue to ask for hair paint due to its stunning result. It is a coloring process that adds sparkle and depth to offer a natural appearance, making it the biggest trend today in summer glamour. The approach produces a stunning, sun-kissed glow with different lighting colors that tend to spend or have been playing on a beach in the summer.

Recreate your kid

hair paintDream of when you were a kid and you had beautiful shimmering moments when you play in the sun outdoors. Today’s professional colorist can literally reproduce these subtle distinguishing hair painted streaks. This method is difficult so it is seldom provided in schools of beauty. The best colorists are trained almost like master’s apprentices in specialized hair salons.

And not every living room provides the service at all. If you consider scanning but conclude that it works just with blondes, you’re wrong. The trick is to work with the colorist to examine your natural skin tones and eye color so that your hair has the right color tones. The young fountain literally lies in the hands of your stylist.

The scanning process is more difficult than other conventional coloring methods, so inquire about the preparation and the experience of your stylist. Tell the colorist not to add too many highlights and even more dark tones. The trick is to contrast darker areas in order to highlight the highlights. And make sure that the costs are transparent at the beginning. Some lounges bill the amount of colors used in the application per hour and others.


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