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What color highlights look best on dark brown hair?

So you chose to get highlights in your hair? And at home, you want to do it? Do you not want to go to a shop and do it professionally? Do you want to change the color completely? Think about it if you want to go from dark brown hair to platinum and do it at home, then a semi-permanent color is required in order to prevent a bad situation. When you change your hair color you must be two shades darker or lighter than the normal shade of your hair.

Don’t believe everything you read on the hair coloring boxes. You have to look at the details. Often the box speaks of the sound. You just need to know if you’re warm or cold. Look at your skin and find out which one you are. If your skin is cold, you may have blue or green eyes and if warm, you are usually golden, olive or black with dark or brown eyes.

When you figure out whether you’re warm or cold, you can determine which color is better for you. Any highlights that frame your face will pop your eyes and do wonders for your teeth. Instead of using foils or a cap for highlights, Bayalage highlights can be painted in your hair. Some of the highlights color best on dark brown hair may be red and copper.

It can be done if you want a highlight job at home. The painting on highlighting kits is also used at home. Make sure you thoroughly read the directions. If you feel that you want more than highlights, try half-permanently at home and find out before going that way permanently, if that’s what you want.

  1. dark brown hairStart by brushing your hair really well to remove and tamper with all the hair spray.
  2. Put the mixture of coloring into the bottle of applicator using a pair of latex gloves.
  3. Remove a hair piece from behind your head and place it on a foil piece and paint a hair strand with the brush (usually in the kit).
  4. Brush your hair with your dye and hold your hair by folding the foil halfway.
  5. Do it again and continue to emphasize your hair. 6. Leave the color until your period is finished and then check your kit for the time you leave.

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